Latin musicians playing classical pieces and Classical musicians playing Latin Rhythms is what LatinSymphony is all about.

LatinSymphony is a concert series based in Miami, Florida, specialized in the fusion of Latin and Classical music.

LatinSymphony - Producer of concerts and music events based in MiamiAs the Latino way and the American way have come to live together under the same tropical sky, LatinSymphony is creating an atmosphere to celebrate Latin rhythms in Miami, Latin American concerts, Classical concerts in South Florida, and the fusion of Latin and Classical music.

By recognizing the cadence of Latin music, the powerful sound of Classical compositions, and the appealing fusion of both, LatinSymphony offers classical and Latin American concerts in South Florida.

Concert series and music events based in Miami

On 2015 the Concert Series hosted a recital of pianist Thomas Tirino on the music of Cuban composer Ernesto Lecuona.

During 2016 LatinSymphony has hosted two concerts on Antonio Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, with Miami Chamber Orchestra, a young and very talented ensemble conducted by Mexican Conductor Jorge Vazquez, and virtuoso violinist Nuné Melik.

LatinSymphony is working to bring new and exciting performances which fusion the beauty of Classical Music and the passion and cadence of Latin music.